Joint Paper Development Workshop

Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and Innovation – A Multilevel Perspective

The 2nd Applied Economics and Management (AEM) and Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) PhD Programs is a Joint Paper Development Workshop for doctoral students and early career academics. This has been an opportunity for PhD students and young scholars to present their research and discuss it in an international, productive and collaborative environment. Participants received feedback and suggestions on their own research ideas and presentation in front of academic, in addition to obtaining insights on the writing of publishable journal papers, selection of research methods. To reach this objective, the paper presentation have been structured in 8 parallel sessions with the chairs that ran the discussion allowed the students to get very useful feedback on their research. Each track chair received the work in advance, so the discussion was aimed at providing useful suggestions to students on how to focus future research increases. Moreover, the workshop has included the participation of renowned scholars specialised in entrepreneurship, who have provided comments and suggestions on proposals sent by the participants.  Two plenary sessions have been organised with the following guest speakers:

  • Howard Aldrich, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA: “How to present a research project”
  • Roberto Parente, University of Salerno, Italy: “Human Entrepreneurship”
  • Alberto Felice De Toni, University of Udine: “Introductory speech”
  • Francesca Cesaroni, University of Urbino: “How to join ECSB”


Finally, the participants also had the opportunity to enjoy a guided visit to the first European Apple Academy (IoS Academy). This academy is located within the Technological Pole San Giovanni a Teduccio of the University of Naples Federico II, and is an entire floor totally dedicated to the IoS software development activities, a uniqueness in the European landscape. The visit and the presentation stimulated the curiosity of the students towards the issues surrounding entrepreneurship with specific focus on the hi-tech sector.

Several networking moments were organised, including the social dinner. Such moments are always extremely useful for creating connections and generating exchanges of opinions. Overall, the feedback from the participants in the Seminar has been very positive and has encouraged us to organise the 3rd Joint Paper Development Workshop in 2020.


Invited speakers

Howard E. Aldrich received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and is Kenan Professor of Sociology, Adjunct Professor of Business at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Faculty Research Associate at the Department of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and Fellow, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University. His main research interests are entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team formation, gender and entrepreneurship, and evolutionary theory.

Roberto Parente is Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Salerno (Italy). He’s the Director of the Master M2I “Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation” , and previously he was in charge of the Master RISS “Tech Transfer in Life Science”. Founder and Director of LISA Lab a Research Centre whose main topics are: Science Based startup; Students Entrepreneurship; Finance for innovation. His main research interests are entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Alberto Felice De Toni has been the Rector of the University of Udine since 2013 and Secretary General of CRUI Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities since 2015. He is the president of the Foundation of CRUI Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities. He is full professor of “Organization of Production” and “Management of Complex Systems” in the degree course of Management Engineering. He was President of the Degree Course in Management Engineering (from 2001 to 2006) and Dean of the Engineering Faculty (from 2006 to 2012).

Francesca Maria Cesaroni is associate professor of Business Economics at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Department of Economics, Society and Politics. She teaches accounting, entrepreneurship and small businesses. Her main research topics concern small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurship, women’s businesses, family businesses, generational change, financial communication. She is a member of the Italian Association for the Study of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASPI). She is a member of the Editorial Board of some scientific journals and a reviewer of other international academic journals. Since 2012, Francesca Maria Cesaroni is a member of AFECA (Association de Formazioni Européennes à la Comptabilité et à l’Audit), a stable network with contributions from all over the world. Since 2009 she is coordinator of the PhD in Economics & Management, Department of Economics, Society and Politics, University of Urbino. She is also Italy country vice president for ECSB (European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship).


The target group of the workshop has been PhD students and young scholars who aim at a continued academic career in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and international entrepreneurship. In particular, 30 proposals have been received for participation in the seminar. 26 of them have been accepted for presentation, although only 23 contributions were presented during the workshop due to some last minute absence. The contributions have been split in eight parallel sessions each with a track chair. The majority are either PhD students or early career researchers. Additionally, participants attended also two plenary sessions.

Track chairs are professors and researchers from University of Naples (Pierluigi Rippa and Ivana Quinto), University of Bergamo (Tommaso Minola and Davide Hahn), University of Pavia (Antonella Zucchella and Giovanna Magnani) and University of Salerno (Roberto Parente, Massimiliano Vesci and Antonio Botti).

Overall, 41 participants attended the seminar, made up of approximately 9 professors, 11 early career academics, and 21 PhD students.


This is the second year TIM and AEM organise the joint PhD workshop.  The event has been organised by the University of Naples Federico II (UNINA), which will be the RENT 2020 host. This workshop is included in the “Road to RENT 2020” program aimed at increasing the number of interested researchers in the ECSB network attending the conference.

The seminar has been supported by the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) and it has been co-branded by:

  • RENT (Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business)
  • EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management)
  • AIIG (Italian Association of Engineering Management)
  • SIMA (Italian association of Management Scholars)

Local Organisers:
Ivana Quinto and Pierluigi Rippa

Scientific Committee:
Davide Hahn, Giovanna Magnani, Tommaso Minola, Ivana Quinto, Pierluigi Rippa, Antonella Zucchella

Author: Pierluigi Rippa, University of Naples

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