II Paper Development Seminar: New Developments in Entrepreneurial Process Research

Seville, April 22nd – 23rd, 2019

The Seminar “New developments in the research of the entrepreneurial process” has helped participants to develop their research results in documents that may be suitable for publication in top-level academic journals. To achieve this objective, the seminar has included the participation of renowned scholars specialized in entrepreneurship, who have presented some of their most recent research on the analysis of the entrepreneurial process, as well as reviewing and commenting on the documents (overviews) sent by the participants. These are scholars with positions of responsibility (editor in chief, associate editor) in top-level journals (JCR and similar).

Seminar host Francisco Liñán (from the left) and the invited speakers: Dimo Dimow, Robert Blackburn, Alain Fayolle and Johan Wiklund

Participants have had the opportunity to present their research to the audience. They received general comments, specific clarifications and suggestions from the academics that make up the panel of experts in entrepreneurship. In this way, a productive and intimate work environment has been successfully developed.

A best paper award was granted to Anette Kairikko for her contribution entitled “Leveraging embeddedness in accelerator networks – a study of internationalizing edtech startups”. The award consists on one-year free membership to the ECSB.  The overall quality of submissions was very high and, thus, selection has been difficult. Four runner-ups have also been offered a fast-track review process to the RENT 2019 Conference to be held in Berlin next November.

Best paper award
Silke Tegtmeier, President of the ECSB, and Francisco Liñán, Head of the Local Organizing Committee, presented the award to Anette Kairikko.

Finally, the participants also had the opportunity to enjoy a guided visit to the historical building of the University of Seville’s Rectorate. This is known as the “Royal Tobacco Factory”, as this was its original use back in XVIII Century. The visit included a cocktail dinner on site.

Overall, the feedback from the participants in the Seminar has been very positive and has encouraged us to organize the 3rd Paper Development Seminar in 2020.

Group photo
Participants of the II Paper Development Seminar in Seville

Invited speakers

Johan Wiklund is Chair and Al Berg Professor at the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, as well as second professor at Nord University, Norway and Visiting Professor at Lund University, Sweden. He is the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, one of the leading entrepreneurship journal worldwide.

Alain Fayolle is a distinguished entrepreneurial professor, founder and director of the Entrepreneurship Research Center at EM Lyon Business School, France. Alain is an associate editor of the Journal of Small Business Management.

Dimo Dimov is a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Bath, United Kingdom as well as editor-in-chief and founder of the Journal of Business Venturing Insights. He has recently been recognized as one of the 100 best entrepreneurship professors in the world.

Robert Blackburn is Vice Dean of Research at the School of Social and Business Sciences at the Kingston Business School, as well as director of the Small Business Research Center. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Small Business Journal.


44 proposals were received for participation in the seminar. 24 of them have been accepted for presentation. The average number of authors per proposal is 2. The authors split in three groups. The majority are either PhD students or early career researchers. However, a small number of established professors have also submitted their proposals. Overall, 32 participants attended the seminar (excluding the invited speakers), made up of approximately 10 professors and/or early career academics and 22 PhD students. Additionally, the plenary sessions were open for local academic staff who was interested.


The Seminar is an example of collaboration between local institutions. Apart from the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB), we have also had the support from the following institutions:

  • IUSEN: “Tomas de Mercado” Institute for Research in Economics and Business.
  • PYMED Research Group (“SMEs and Economic Development”).
  • ELITE project: “Longitudinal study on the process of emergence of high-impact entrepreneurs”.

Author: Francisco Liñán, Head of the Local Organizing Committee, University of Seville

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